Empower  the  federal  workforce  to 

make  data-driven  decisions  and 

adopt  a  transparency  and  accountability culture

to  improve  agency  performance.


The executive branch of the US federal government is facing challenges, with many agencies struggling to carry out their mission. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is maintaining the status of numerous Key Issues, High Risk Areas, and reports annually on Segmentation, Overlap, and Duplication.  These expensive inefficiencies contribute to our nation’s unsustainable fiscal situation as our national debt reaches $20 Trillions.

Experiencing first-hand the frustrating disconnectedness between federal agencies’ legal mandates, strategic goals, and execution outcomes, Sylvie Platre, federal consultant,  researched the government transformation efforts set forth in the President’s Management Agenda (PMA). Energized and validated by her findings, she founded Performance Quest.

A systems thinker, she recognized that the expanding interconnectedness of our world combines with the accelerating rate of change to overwhelm even the smartest analysts, leaving decision makers with little relevant information to support their decisions. Pulling from multiple disciplines and leveraging data analytics, she developed a scalable approach to systematically align strategy with execution and enable data-driven decisions striving to improve organizational performance.

Having spent years working side-by-side with federal leaders and their employees, she understands how individual accountability is perceived as a threat in an environment where decision-making and strategic follow-through are unpredictable. She engaged human behavior expertise to bring to bear principles of human empowerment into her performance management framework, enabling individuals to transmute their fear into the commitment to support organizational goals while pursuing their career and personal growth.

Thanks to improving transparency into efforts addressing Key Issues, High Risk Areas, or into efforts supporting CAP Goals, Performance Quest maintains total alignment with federal strategies.

Progress Cycle


  • Execute decisions by adjusting the strategy for better performance.
  • Each individual is accountable for follow-through.


  • Relevant data and information are available to answer questions.
  • Impact of a change is assessed prior to a decision.


  • Strategy is expressed through Goals and Objectives.
  • Measures of Performance are taken against the Strategy.


  • Business Intelligence application  provides data analytics.
  • Drill-down and roll-up features support ad-hoc analysis.

Performance Quest injects management innovation into federal consulting. We replace the staff augmentation consultancy you know, with a workforce transformation experience. Employee engagement continues to grow, and your organization’s performance continues to improve, long after our departure.

The deliverable we leave you with is an executable Progress Cycle driven by decisions supported by a business intelligence capability. Relevant data fuels the analytics that generate pertinent insights. 

The deliberate collection of strategy execution data and a solid performance data model constitute your data analytics basis. Information on your agency’s performance is now available, giving rise to your evolving business intelligence capability.

Informed by these insights, you make decisions that an empowered federal workforce executes to produce the results that perpetuate the Progress Cycle. 


SYLVIE PLATRE‘s most recent consulting engagement with the FBI had her focus on a CIO-driven redesign of the bureau’s IT governance framework. This 5-year effort allowed her to integrate best practices in IT Policy, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Assurance, IT Governance, and Performance Management.

In a prior engagement, she supported a US Army intelligence integration lab, coordinating scope across multiple  prime contractors and subcontractors. That 5-year effort challenged her to design creative approaches to drive scope through 3 IT environments before releasing new capabilities to Army components in the US and in theater.

Sylvie’s earlier engagements allowed her to build a solid knowledge foundation as she mentally integrated  multiple IT disciplines into a coherent expertise spanning systems engineering, project and service management, and finally governance, with a strong focus on its performance monitoring and decision making functions.  

A systems thinker and integrator at heart, with an insatiable appetite for learning, she has consistently applied the sum of her knowledge to new challenges.

The ongoing government transformation and specifically efforts to implement the Federal Performance Management Framework, to Leverage Data as a Strategic Asset, and to Develop a  Workforce for the 21st Century, constitute her latest undertaking, as she brings her leadership skills to bear on the challenges ahead.


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